SoundBounce awarded €2.3 Million in funding through the competitive EU Horizon 2020 SME programme

SoundBounce awarded €2.3 Million in funding through the competitive EU Horizon 2020 SME programme

We are delighted to be able to announce we have been funded by the EUs competitive Horizon 2020 SME Instrument programme. The capital awarded will be used to complete the commercialisation of the SoundBounce technology, launching it on a global scale across the construction, automotive, power generation and aerospace industries where loud noise is a significant challenge. 


These industries are facing increasingly stringent regulations from the EU and beyond as a result of increased noise pollution and consumer demand for quieter products. For example, the new Pass By noise regulations are introducing big changes to European vehicle laws. By 2027 only 30% of today’s cars will meet the new standards. Everything on EU roads will have to become quieter in response – this is a major challenge for the industry. 


SoundBounce solves this noise challenges, the material works by instinctively responds to the noise environment, this unique property enables the superior absorption of sound. It can be tailored to react optimally at certain frequencies allowing SoundBounce to be custom built to tackle whatever noise challenge is presented. 

Working with research institutes and labs, in Trinity College Dublin and the University of Limerick, collaborating on the refinement of the acoustic metamaterials. TCD and UL are at the forefront of material science and mathematical modelling, respectively, providing amazing opportunities to collaborate with SMEs at a national level. 


SoundBounce’s existing investors include SOSV and Enterprise Ireland, who have supported them since their first product – Sound Relief, a tinnitus therapy to help reduce the often debilitating hearing condition.  Bill Liao, General Partner and Managing Director at SOSV, has been involved since 2013 – “Customers are now making decisions based on environmental impact and pollution, including noise pollution. We love that SoundBounce has solved this problem at a moment when the market most needs it, as demonstrated by the traction they have with high calibre international companies who seek out their technology.”


Speaking on the announcement of the funding, Garrett Murray, National Director for Horizon 2020 at Enterprise Ireland said  – Restored Hearing is a great example of a High Potential Start-Up with global ambition which has gone on to win significant innovation funding at a European level. Ireland’s highly innovative SMEs are excelling in Europe through the competitive Horizon 2020 SME Instrument, which is now known as the European Innovation Council (EIC). The team at Enterprise Ireland are keen to support companies in building on this success for the remainder of Horizon 2020 and beyond.”


Sound Bounce parent company Restored Hearing was founded in 2009 with its first product a tinnitus therapy to help reduce the hearing condition. Sound Relief was showcased at the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition 2009, where the duo won the runner-up prize.


Inspired by customers of the company’s inaugural product the team developed SoundBounce to reduce noise damage at the source of the sound.  SoundBounce is a great advancement for smart materials in Ireland, led by its two female founders. They have brought together a dynamic international team passionate about solving big problems. 

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