Our Mission

Founded by Rhona Togher and Eimear O’Carroll in 2009, the company’s initial product was a sound therapy for people who suffer from tinnitus – Sound Relief.

Tinnitus can be caused by excessive noise damage to our hearing. Wanting to solve this, the two founders looked at developing better quality hearing protection.

Thus Sound Bounce was developed. Sound Bounce is a responsive sound-absorbing technology which uses smart materials to absorb sound proportionally to the noise environment.

The material can be configured to attenuate specific frequencies of sound, such as low-frequency noise, which is damaging.

Meet The Team

Rhona Togher

Rhona keeps our ship on an even keel, managing all aspects of Restored Hearing from finance to product development. Having studied physics at University College Dublin, Rhona uses her technical training to create innovative products, bringing both a strategic and a detail-orientated approach simultaneously. Rhona is also our global ambassador for changing the way the world hears; she has been invited to speak the world over highlighting the need for action against harmful noise.

Eimear O' Carroll

Eimear is the other half of the product creation and IP building team. She focuses on the commercialisation of our technology. She builds strategic global partnerships with market leaders and innovators which is a key driver of adoption for the company’s technologies. Eimear continues to handle regulatory affairs within the team. She also studied physics to masters level, at the University of Edinburgh.

Chrissy Hughes
Community Marketing Mgr

Chrissy, a part time Graphic Design student, is our Community and Marketing manager. She provides superior support to the valued community we have built. Chrissy ensures that users have a variety of platforms in which to get use from Restored Hearing. She manages social media, content and all things Sound Relief. Chrissy pioneered World Tinnitus Day as the first global initiative to raise awareness of tinnitus.

Clare Tarleton
Communications Mgr

Clare, a Digital Marketing graduate, is our Communications Manager. She is managing the Communications and Dissemination of project TANDEM which focuses on the scale-up of our Sound Bounce technology. Clare manages the Sound Bounce website, content creation and SEO optimisation. Her creativity and drive are evident in her work to devise innovative and engaging ways to communicate with the companys’s stakeholders.

Ultan O’Raghallaigh Commercial Director

Ultan leads our activities in defining and implementing our go-to-market strategy. Working closely with CTO Eimear, we are building partnerships with global companies in materials, sound insulation and hearing protection products. Ultan has a track record of delivering for both early-stage technology companies and large scale multi-nationals operating globally over the past 35 years.

Raquel Serrano García Chemistry Researcher

Raquel is our Chemistry Researcher. She will focus on the development of the chemical characterisation and optimisation of our product, Sound Bounce. Raquel obtained her MSc in Chemistry from the Autonomous University in Madrid. In 2016, she received her PhD from Trinity College as part of the EU Marie Curie network, Mag(net)icFun. Raquel worked as a postdoctoral researcher, also in TCD, under the supervision of Dr. Aran Rafferty.

Raphaël Leiba
Acoustics Researcher

Raphaël is our Acoustics Researcher. After doing his MSc in Acoustics in Pierre and Mary University (UPMC) in Paris, Raphaël has been interested in urban acoustics. After obtaining his PhD in 2017, Raphaël spent two years as a post-doctoral teacher at Sorbonne University (Paris) giving lectures in the Science and Engineering Faculty. Raphaël is excited to be part of the Sound Bounce team in order to better understand how the material works and maximise its performance.

Cecilia de León Technical Project Manager

Cecilia is our Technical Project Manager. She has 10 years experience in Project and Operations management, with a focus on Process and Team management. She will apply her experience to drive a wide-scope project involving R&D, commercialisation, and production engineering, coordinating a geographically distributed team and implementing best practices to ensure timely and on budget delivery.

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