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Our world is a very noisy place, this trend is only set to increase. Traffic, sirens, construction and, airplanes all-cause toxic noise levels which can cause a lack of sleep in cities.

Acoustic soundproof materials are all around us. They’re in every car we drive, every building we work in. However, these existing materials do not meet the challenges of the increasingly noisy world we live in today.

Sound Bounce is our solution, a game-changing acoustic metamaterial. Independently tested and proven to be 100 times more effective at attenuating noise over the most widely used acoustic foams. It’s thinner and it can be deployed in many operational environments

Sound Bounce enables designers to create smaller, lighter products with a significant reduction in noise – and cost.


Our customers are an innovation minded market leaders in the construction, chemicals, automotive, aerospace, and power generation industries.


Thinner acoustic materials saving space in buildings


Tuned acoustic materials targeting component specific noise


Low frequency attenuation for quieter HVAC units


Low volume solutions to low frequency engine noise increasing passenger comfort

Power Generation

Meeting ever stricter regulations with high efficacy low frequency attenuation


Low frequency noise is a major challenge for many industries globally

THe Science

The material actively responds to the noise environment, harnessing the sound energy incident upon it to attenuate noise.

How It works

The material can be configured to attenuate specific frequencies of sound, such as low frequency noise. Sound Bounce uses low cost advanced materials within an enabling patented cellular structure for the effective attenuation of noise. The unique, non-linear physics of the Sound Bounce material enable this vastly improved acoustic performance.

Material properties

- Unrivaled low frequency attenuation
- Thinner than traditional solutions
- Customisable absorption profile

energy absorption

Viscosity of the material reduces in the presence of sound energy, attenuating noise by converting sound energy to kinetic energy in the material.


Cellular housing can be made from a wide variety of materials – chosen to suit the industry and the environment.

mass law

The mass law dictates that sound absorbed is predicted by the thickness and density of a material. This is not the case with Sound Bounce as its attenuation is proportional to the environment.

Sound Bounce in the News

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We engage in joint product development with our application customers, usually beginning with a Phase 1 proof of concept project.

Sound Bounce can be configured and designed according to a customer’s specific requirements. There is a broad range of possible designs for the cellular structure which adapt to comply with environmental conditions.

Sound Bounce can be configured to attenuate specific noise profiles and can be combined with existing technologies or used on its own.

Get in touch about how Sound Bounce can be integrated into your application today.

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